Upgrade your Post-Pandemic Trip: How to Travel "Actively"


Location: Zoom

Active Travel Image

Having been cooped up for much of the past year, are you dreaming about summer travels? Now is the perfect time to think about what adventures the future holds by learning how to travel “actively.”

“Active travel” refers to forms of travel that emphasize physical movement and mindfulness.

Whether walking, hiking, cycling, kayaking, etc. active travel emphasizes a conscious approach to exploring and immersing in the world around you by slowing down, and centering movement itself in your travel plans. In this workshop we will introduce you to the idea and principles of active travel, provide examples of active travel experiences, and work together to help you brainstorm your future travels with an active bent. In doing so, we hope to inspire and excite you towards a summer of active adventures!

Join us for this panel discussion with Nicholas Ames, Ph.D., Anthropology, and Mallika Sarma, Ph.D., Anthropology with a specialization in Human Biology, who currently holds a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Human Spaceflight Lab at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. 

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