Membership Dues

Annual Membership Dues


Membership Dues

NDSID has annual membership dues of $15/person. This is to help raise funds and support our various programs and activities. However, we will never pressure you to pay membership dues; you can still come to the events and participate as you like! You just won't be able to receive the totally awesome NDSID item that comes with paying dues. For year 2017-2018 (our inaugural year), we are  including an NDSID T-shirt  with paid dues. That means you will get a free NDSID T-shirt that you can wear for events where we want to show a united front, such as at a group outing or community service event. 

You can pay your dues anytime you are ready, including right now! You will be directed to the ND Marketplace for payment. Thank you for supporting your organization!

Click here to support NDSID and pay your annual membership dues now!


Note: NDSID membership dues are non-refundable unless the member is deemed to not meet the standards of membership as noted in the NDSID Charter. Loss of membership due to disciplinary action or leaving the University does not constitute a refund of dues paid, part or in whole. Members may not have any or all dues refunded if they resign their membership during the period of dues paid.