Call for Nominations


Deadline extended to Monday, June 7, 2021. 

NDSID is currently accepting self-nominations for positions on each of our committees, as well as leadership positions (descriptions below)!  

  • Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chair (Events & Professional Development Committee)
  • Committee Members: Communications & Outreach Committee (General, Social Media, Webmaster), Events & Professional Development (General), Steering Committee

We invite all members to consider nominating themselves for one or more of these roles, which would allow you to play a great role in enhancing cultural, social, and intellectual activities for Notre Dame International staff and the University at large, as well as provide opportunities for our members to expand their social networks and improve their Notre Dame experience.

The selection process will be administered by our current Leadership NDSID officers and steering committee. For more information on our mission and goals, read our charter.

Please complete the NDSID Self-Nomination FormIf you know someone who would be great, encourage them to apply too!

NDSID Leadership Role Descriptions



The President must be a NDSID member in good standing. Must be in attendance of, and runs group meetings. The President also encourages and establishes policies (as needed) and activities in agreement with the objectives of NDSID. He/she functions as the main representative of NDSID in business-relevant situations, communicates NDSID’s achievement and helps ensure individual accountability, and maintains the team spirit and helps ensure that all voices are heard.


The Vice-President must be a NDSID member in good standing. The Vice-President shall act as second in command and provide support to the President and NDSID. In the event the President is unable to serve the entire one-year term, the Vice-President will succeed to the position of President for the then remaining period of the term. The responsibilities of the Vice-President include, but are not limited to:

  1. Working with the President and other officers in planning, organizing, and implementing NDSID programs
  2. Becoming familiar with the Conductor web hosting platform, Google Group, and other online tools to facilitate group communications
  3. Exercising the powers and duties of the President in the absence of the President
  4. Filling officer vacancies arising between elections


The Secretary must be a NDSID member in good standing. The Secretary will generate the minutes of each group meeting held, minutes of which shall inform the members of NDSID regarding all planned activities. The Secretary will also be responsible for the sending of notices and maintenance of membership records (e.g., member names, office addresses, office phone numbers, and email addresses). The responsibilities of the Secretary include, but are not limited to:

  1. Typing meeting minutes, including accurately recording decisions and actions in the minutes
  2. Scheduling out meeting dates, book rooms, sending out notifications, minutes, and other communications
  3. Drawing up agendas together with the President
  4. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date membership records and recording membership dues together with the Treasurer
  5. Dealing with correspondence, writing letters/emails as agreed at committee meetings, summarizing correspondence/emails received at the next committee meetings, and drafting replies as appropriate
  6. Making arrangements for any necessary reporting to be done


The Treasurer must be a NDSID member in good standing. The Treasurer oversees the budget process for NDSID and works closely with Human Resources for all funding requirements and accounting procedures. With respect to funding needs of NDSID, the Treasurer will work with the E-board and Committee Chairs to identify potential sources of funding for events and programming. These sources could include member dues, event ticketing, or University department sponsorship. The responsibilities of the Treasurer include but are not limited to:

  1. Preparing an annual budget
  2. Approving and accounting for all expenses
  3. Providing financial updates to the board
  4. Stewarding all funds received
  5. Coordinating fundraising efforts in conjunction with the Vice-President


The archivist is responsible for building, documenting, and maintaining NDSID’s history and artifacts for future reference.


The Webmaster/Social Media Manager must be a NDSID member in good standing. They are responsible for building, documenting, and maintaining NDSID’s website and social media presence, as well as documenting and maintaining its history and artifacts for future reference.


Chair, Events &  Professional Development Committee

The Chair of the Events & Professional Development Committee must be a NDSID member in good standing. They will lead the committee to schedule, plan, and manage social and cultural events for NDSID members (e.g., happy hours, potlucks, outings). They will also lead the committee to identify, coordinate, and communicate ongoing initiatives relating to professional development opportunities for NDSID members (e.g., brownbags, Q&As, softskills training, etc).

Member, Events &  Professional Development Committee: Members support the work of the committee through event development, planning, and execution of social and professional gatherings. 

Chair, Communications & Outreach Committee 

The Chair of the Communication and Outreach Committee must be a NDSID member in good standing. They will lead the committee to identify and/or create networking opportunities, as well as attend to group-wide emails about upcoming events (e.g., monthly NDSID newsletter). The committee will provide outreach activities to various constituent groups across campus to ensure participation and representation.

Member, Communications & Outreach Committee: Members support the work of the committee, e.g. the website (webmaster), monthly newsletter, social media (Instagram/Youtube), and outreach around campus. 

Steering Committee Member

The Steering Committee member must be a NDSID member in good standing. The Steering Committee consists of NDSID's Leadership Team (i.e., E-board and Cmte Chairs) as well as select individuals who help shape the vision and goals of NDSID. Steering Committee members attend NDSID Leadership Team meetings on a quarterly basis (4x/year) to contribute to, and help inform strategic NDSID decisions and direction. Steering Committee members are also expected to attend regularly scheduled NDSID events and act as brand ambassadors for NDSID across campus, including but not limited to official University functions.