Steering Committee

Description: The Steering Committee helps provide guidance and oversight of NDSID. Acting in an advisory capacity, they provide guidance on key issues such as NDSID planning and objectives, budgetary control, marketing strategy, and resource allocations. They also attend steering committee meetings, participate in and attend NDSID events, participate in committee work, and serve as champions and ambassadors of NDSID to the University at large.  

Current Steering Committee Members:

  • Dr. Mary Adeniyi
  • Dr. Satish Adusumilli
  • Mr. Rafael Guerra
  • Ms. Amber Li
  • Mr. Eric Love
  • Ms. Yan Qiu
  • Mr. Larose Saint Jean
  • Ms. Lisa Shroyer
  • Dr. Weiyang Xie
  • Mr. Sunil Yaradi

Events Committee

Description: The Events Committee schedules, plans, and manages social and cultural events for NDSID members. Please contact us if you are interested in leading, or joining our Events Committee.

Chair: Ms. Nathalia Casiano (


Professional Development Committee

Description: The Professional Development committee identifies, coordinates, and communicates ongoing initiatives relating to professional development opportunities for NDSID members. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our Professional Development Committee.

Chair: Ms. Amber Li (


Communications and Outreach Committee

Description: The Communications and Outreach Committee identifies and/or creates networking opportunities for NDSID members, as well as provides outreach activities to various constituent groups across campus to ensure NDISD participation and representation. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our Communications and Outreach Committee.

Chair: Mr. Akshaya Amin (